Custom Metal Fabrication Solutions

Your #1 source in the Greater Toronto Area for expert metal fabrication and metal forming solutions. We serve businesses across North America with made-to-order parts and finished metal products, displays, and more.

What We Do

Retail Displays & Merchandising

Elevate your store’s appeal with custom retail displays designed to maximize product visibility and enhance shopping experiences.

Cabinets & Shelving

Streamline storage and display with bespoke cabinets and shelving solutions, tailored to fit your space and style perfectly.

Ceiling & Baffles

Transform your space with custom-designed ceilings that combine aesthetic elegance with practical functionality.

Lighting & Fixtures

Illuminate your environment with our custom lighting solutions, crafted to enhance ambiance and highlight key areas effectively.

Parts & Piecework

Precision-engineered parts and piecework to meet all your component needs with impeccable quality and fit.

Interior & Exterior Furniture

Create distinctive spaces with our custom interior and exterior furniture, designed for durability and style.

We combine precision engineering with creative design to deliver top-tier metal fabrication and store fixture solutions. With over 40 years in the industry, our expertise spans across designing, manufacturing, and installing custom fixtures and metal components for retail environments and beyond. 

How We Do It

Laser Cutting

Fiber lasers can cut both reflective & non-reflective sheet metal from 0.02″-1″. 10KW cutting power means lower cost & shorter lead times.

Bending & Forming

Computerized brake press technology and precision ground tooling hold parts to +/-0.005″ tolerance. Bending range from 1/8″ up to 10 ft wide.


Weldments are fabricated with a focus on structural integrity and aesthetics. We leverage industry leading practises for accuracy & consistency.


Custom tool and die creation and repair. Single hit and progressive dies convert flat sheet or coil into a finished part with speed & repeatability.

As a precision metal fabricator, we understand the importance of prioritizing both visual and structural requirements. At R&G Tool, we take pride in manufacturing products that are free of cosmetic imperfections and built to last.