Custom Metal Fabrication Solutions

Your #1 source in the Greater Toronto Area for expert metal forming and metal fabrication solutions. We serve businesses across North America with made-to-order parts and finished metal products, displays, and more.

What We Do

Laser Cutting

Fiber lasers can cut both reflective & non-reflective sheet metal from 0.02″-1″. 10KW cutting power means lower cost & shorter lead times.

Bending & Forming

Computerized brake press technology and precision ground tooling hold parts to +/-0.005″ tolerance. Bending range from 1/8″ up to 10 ft wide.


Weldments are fabricated with a focus on structural integrity and aesthetics. We leverage industry leading practises for accuracy & consistency.


Custom tool and die creation and repair. Single hit and progressive dies convert flat sheet or coil into a finished part with speed & repeatability.

As a precision metal fabricator, we understand the importance of prioritizing both visual and structural requirements. At R&G Tool, we take pride in manufacturing products that are free of cosmetic imperfections and built to last.