Retail Displays & Merchandising

Enhance your retail environment with our custom-built retail displays. At R&G Tool and Metal Fabrication, we specialize in creating visually appealing merchandising solutions that not only attract attention but also improve the overall shopping experience, increasing sales and customer engagement.

Our displays are fabricated to showcase your products effectively, making every square foot of your retail space work harder.

Cabinets & Shelving

Our custom cabinets and shelving units are designed to offer seamless storage solutions that blend functionality with style. Working with both commercial and residential customers, R&G Tool and Metal Fabrication provides expertly crafted products, tailored to the dimensions and decor of your space, ensuring your storage is not just ample but also aesthetically pleasing.

Ceilings & Baffles

We bring your intricate designs to life, allowing you to elevate the look of any room with our custom ceiling fabrications. Add a touch of sophistication to practical installations that improve acoustics and energy efficiency, R&G Tool and Metal Fabrication offers a range of solutions to enhance both the appearance and functionality of your space.

Lighting & Fixtures

Light up your space with our custom lighting solutions. At R&G Tool and Metal Fabrication, we fabricate bespoke lighting that complements your existing d├ęcor and highlights key areas effectively. Whether you’re looking to create ambiance, enhance visibility, or showcase specific products, our final product can provide the perfect blend of form and function.

Parts & Piecework

At R&G Tool and Metal Fabrication, we deliver precision-crafted parts and piecework to meet a variety of commercial & industrial needs.

Whether you require bespoke components, assembly parts, or custom fabrications, our expert craftsmen use state-of-the-art technology to ensure high quality and exact specifications for every project.

Interior & Exterior Furniture Components

Our team at R&G Tool and Metal Fabrication manufactures durable, stylish furniture components for any environment. From robust outdoor pieces that withstand the elements to elegant indoor furnishings that elevate your interior design, we provide custom parts that combine quality and design excellence.